This Picture Just Because

23 Mar

Good morning folks.



Baby Hates Ice Cream…Then Farts

22 Mar

I would normally give a description, but the title of this video says it all.


One Man Disney Movie

21 Mar

YouTube user goonieman86 did this entertaining vid showcasing the wonderful music from some of Disney’s most popular music. To me this seems like something Kurt from Glee would do in his spare time.

This Toddler Is A Better Dancer Than You

29 Jul

So in the cutest thing you’ll see today category this kid who looks like he’s about three years old is already able to keep up with the big boys when it comes to hip hop dancing. If he can dance like this now I cant wait to see what he can do when he goes on So You Think You Can Dance.

So…This Is What Sheer Terror Sounds Like

28 Jul

In what has to be the meanest most evil prank ever conceived, this pilot decides to pretend that he passed out and see how his passenger reacts. Spoiler: His passenger reacts appropriately.

Hyperrealistic Paintings

28 Jul

If these weren’t painting then there wouldn’t be anything special about them, but they ARE paintings, and that fact alone makes these unbelievable.

Hyperrealistic Paintings

Dancing With Friends To Zelda

24 Jul

So…umm…these guys just decided to stand around, take their shirts half off, and dance to music from the popular video game Zelda. I’m not sure why, and it just get weirder and weirder.

Let’s hope dancing with friends to Zelda doesn’t become the new dancing alone to Pony.